A Business-Minded Google Certified Partner PPC Agency + Creative Strategy Powerhouse

Key Performance Indicators

  • Organic ranking in major search engines
  • Improve the number/quality of inbound links
  • Drive website traffic, new visitor volume, referring traffic and
    lead/sales conversion percentage
  • Increase the number of leads month over month and strive to
    continually lower the cost

SEM Services

  • Keyword Based Paid Search – Google, Yahoo, and Bing


  • Comprehensive weekly reporting
  • Contains insights as to how you are ranking amongst competition

We offer premium & scalable displays across desktop, mobile websites, and mobile applications. Our media buying team secures premium inventory on top quality sites. Our display units have guaranteed ATF placement, and our management team offers complete transparency, custom site listings, and unique targeting options. These units have above-average performance, with an average CTR of 0.13-0.28%+ and 70%+ viewability.


  • Mobile
  • Tablet
  • Desktop

All marketing efforts should be viewed as a 360-degree approach. Paid advertising, SEO, and Social Media all need to be optimized and work closely together. Implementation should be made in real-time for optimal performance. Using our services to integrate, optimize, and provide strategic direction for all campaign elements drives improved performance.

Mobile and Desktop Preview
Standard Display Banner

Cross-Platform Standard Banners

Standard display banners are the anchor of most digital campaigns, offering efficient reach and scale for digital advertisers. These formats are a great addition to both direct response and branding campaigns. We offer these units at very effective CPM rates. All banners are guaranteed above the fold to maximize exposure, viewability, and results for our clients.

360 Half-Page Banner Digital Display Marketing Ads

Half-Page Banners

A larger format standard banner at a more cost-effective rate when compared to other high impact placements

360 Tandem Unit Digital Display Marketing Ads

Tandem Units

Tandem units are multiple in-page or expandable units that are linked together to serve on the same page at the same time.


• Display, Video and CTV available

• Able to report on Amazon-specific
metrics to better portray the
consumers journey. These include

• IAS Viewability Targeting Included

• Ability to place ads on Amazon.com,
IMDB.com and run of network Inventory

• Detail Page View Rate

• Cost per Detail Page View

• Add to List Counts

• Product Review Page View Counts

Amazon Advertising

We now offer access to 1,200+ 1st party Amazon shopping segments based on In-Market behavior (user recently browses or adds specific products to cart) and Lifestyle behavior (consistent Amazon buying patterns indicate the user in a particular
stage of life)

Amazon Advertising Graphic