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Cross Platform Video

We offer premium & scalable video across desktop, mobile websites, mobile applications, Outstream, and Connected TV devices. Our media buying team secures premium inventory on top quality sites. We’re on the forefront of emerging technology and have integrated four video servers, bolstering our ability to scale large campaigns, and diversify our optimization tactics. We also partner with both Pixalate and Moat to ensure that all impressions are viewable and delivered in a brand safe environment.

Pre Roll Video


Pre-roll runs prior to a video story or show featured on a website and is often paired with a companion banner ad.

In-Banner Video

In-banner video capabilities offer the opportunity to feature your campaign’s video content in a standard banner size.

Connected TV

Connected TV is an emerging video placement we offer at a targetable scale. Mirroring traditional television spots, these are standard pre-roll placements targeting users who are streaming content. VTRs are traditionally higher than pre-roll (90%+), making CTV a great option for awareness focused efforts.

Stream TV

Brand Safety & Engagement

Fraud protection provided by Pixalate, the industry leader in CTV pre-bid brand safety verification
90% + completion rate and non-skippable


15+ billion CTV opportunities monthly
Top-Tier online video platforms including NBC, CBS, A&E, AMC, Yahoo, and many more!

Television Solutions

Digital Radio | Digital Billboard

Audio is an important channel to leverage. An astounding 79% of all audio streaming and listening occurs when visual content can’t reach consumers. This is when consumers are actively listening at work, driving, commuting, or have their phone in their pocket. Audio ads are also more than twice as likely to increase intent to purchase over display ads and have resulted in a 24% higher brand recall as compared to display ads.

Digital Audio and Radio Advertisements

Our Audio Network

Scalable inventory across hundreds of premium audio publishers including Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, NPR, PodcastOne, CBS, and more!
Audio + Companion Banners
Competitive pricing with RON rates starting as low as $12 CPM
Targeting capabilities include: demographic, behavioral, geo-fencing, genre/playlist, audio publisher whitelisting, and more!
Managed service with dedicated optimization team
Weekly reporting updates

Digital Display Faucets

360 Marketing & Advertising’s Digital Display Faucets are one of our newest options for Digital Display Video Marketing.  Delivering highly targeted ads based on factors such as location, gender, current and local events, or even time of day are specifically what our Digital Display Faucets do, and they do it better than any print, web or mobile-based method out there. Combine these highly focused ads with text-opt in or QR codes for added customer engagement and you have a complete customer journey without the customer leaving the building.  Perfect for stadium venues, hospitals, doctor’s offices, restaurants, airports. Suppose you want to deliver a 20-second video only to women. 360 Marketing & Advertising can easily help you create, place, and deliver your advertisement targeted locally or nationally. Then, we can show you just how successful your video advertisement was because our digital display faucets have in-depth reporting capability built-in. With a full suite of sensors, our Digital Display Faucets can track water usage, ad impressions, and ad engagement as well as radio-frequency identification (RFID) of cell phones for more enhanced advertising options in the future. Contact us today for more information on how 360 Marketing & Advertising’s Digital Display Faucets can help your business grow with Digital Display Video Marketing for your locations. Call us today to schedule an appointment.